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4 Signs That Your Roof Needs Repaired

While every homeowner out there wishes that their homes will never fall into disrepair, the reality is often the opposite of that. Over time, walls, floors, windows, and every other aspect of the house will need to be maintained, repaired, or even replaced.

Roofing, in particular, is one part of the home that you should never want to leave damaged. If you do so, a myriad of nuisances and problems follow, such as leaks, moss growth, an increase in energy bills, among others.

That said, here are four signs that will indicate that your roof needs to be repaired:

  1. When the roof looks damaged

Perhaps the most prominent sign there is that your roofing needs repair work is when you can see damage from the outside.

When you want to physically examine the roof, don’t attempt to walk around it because it is extremely dangerous and should only be done with proper gear and training.

If you don’t have a professional to help you out, or you don’t have the training and equipment to carry this out, look at the roof while merely standing on a ladder.

2. When there is water leaking through the roof

If your roof has holes, know that leaks are bound to happen when it starts raining. However, this might not be as obvious as it seems, as the leak itself might not travel far. That said, the next time it rains, visit the attic and check around for any moisture or leaks present.

The moment you notice that something is wet or if there is a leak, schedule for a repair right away. If you ignore this problem, the structural integrity of the roof will only weaken even further, putting the roof at a higher risk of further damage. If you wait too long, the repair costs are going to sky-rocket as well.

3. When you can see the sunlight through the roof

Well, seeing the sun inside your home isn’t concerning. However, if you do see sunlight through the roof the next time you enter the attic, then you now that you’ve got a problem on your hands.

To help you with this examination, make the room as dark as possible. Switch off the lights, cover the windows, and do whatever else necessary to limit any other light from entering. Do this to different rooms around the house, especially in the attic.

Once that’s done, look at the roof. If you see any hint of light spilling in or you can even see the sky, call up a professional to have the roof repaired right away. If you delay the repair work, that hole is going to cause more problems later on.

4. When your energy bills are increasing each month

Not only will holes in the roof means that it’ll leak when it rains, but the heat inside your house will escape out into the environment as well. This is not something you want to deal with, especially in the middle of winter.

If you notice that your energy bills are higher than usual and that the expenses are growing more significant each month, it might be that your roof needs repair.

 Wrapping up

Your roof bears the full brunt of the sun and seasons, and you’ll need to ensure that it stays in good condition to ensure that the household is safe and comfortable to live in.

Pay attention to the signs for a damaged roof and whether or not it has lived passed its age. If you see that the roof needs some repair work or replacement, have it done right away. Not doing so will only elevate the costs you’re going to deal with later.

If you’re looking for a roof repair service in Charleston SC, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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