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Does A New Roof Add Value To Your Home?

Benefits of a New Roof to Your Home

Curb Appeal/Resale Value

The most visible benefit of a new roof is the curb appeal it creates. The first things people see is your roof when they look at your home. If the interior of your home is well kept, but your shingles are breaking, warping or cracking. This will reduce the value of your home as potential buyers will assume that your home is unkempt. When you are sure to be moving in a few years’ time, you can replace your roof, it will end up compensating for itself, the resale value of your home will increase by replacing your roof.

Health and Safety

Installing a new roof is good for the health of you and your home.  When your roof is on your home for many decades, it is possible for it to have a considerable amount of mildew and mold growth in the roof deck of your home.  If you are having respiratory illnesses, you can reduce your symptoms by replacing your roof. This will result in a healthier life and home.  Additionally, replacing your roof will ensure you have peace of mind especially when you knowing that your roof is well kept, well-constructed and, will not fail at any moment.

Keep Your Home Warmer in the Winter/Cooler in the summer

When you have a well-insulated and well-constructed roof, you will ensure your home is comfortable year-round. A porous roof will let air and heat to escape. This means that you will pay more in order to ensure your home is at the required temperature. By having your new roof, your home will be as cool or as warm as you like it. Thus you will have not wasted money on A/C or excess heat. It’s always a good time to invest in better energy efficiency for your home.

More Cost Effective

Installing a new roof is better than continuous repairs to your current roof. If you have to constantly repair your roof. It can be time consuming and expensive. If your roof always requires repairs, it will have issues such as water damage, this can be expensive to repair. Spending your hard earned money on repairs to a roof that is past its prime, you can spend that money on a new roof.


 Although the initial cost of your new roof may be a bit pricey, it will be worth it in the long run. If your roof is shabby looking, leaks, or has loose and missing shingles, this is the time you should replace it. Give us a call today to realize how a new roof can improve your home.

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