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What To Look For When Hiring A Roofer

Updates or repairs are often necessary as part of the responsibility of home ownership.  Roof repair or replacement is one common part of maintaining your home.  This is very important as your roof protects your home from things like leaks, wind, and other elements.

So let’s say you have decided your roof needs repairs or replacement.  How do you choose a roofer or roofing company to do the work?  What should you look for before hiring a roofer?

Local referrals are a good place to start.  Ask neighbors who they have used, and what their experiences were.  Choosing a local contractor from your community reduces the risk of potential issues or scams.  Also, a local contractor will be more familiar with local rules and code regulations.  A local contractor may also have relations with area crews and suppliers.

Another thing to look for is manufacturer designations.  A contractor must pass certain minimum requirements to be factory certified so finding a contractor who is able to pass those requirements ensures you get someone skilled and qualified.

When hiring a roofer, check their Better Business Bureau ratings.  Go to the BBB website, and make sure they have a good score.  If they don’t exist on the Better Business Bureau website, or if they have poor ratings, this may be a sign you should choose a different contractor.

Check if your contractor offers a warranty.  If the roof is installed incorrectly, it can take months or years for damage to become apparent.  If the contractor won’t fix it, or has gone out of business, and you don’t have a warranty, you may end up being forced to pay for repairs out of your own pocket.

Ensure the roofing contractor you hire has adequate insurance, and state licensing if required.  This will protect you from being held liable if a roofing employees is injured while working on your property.  If your state requires a license, you should make sure your contractor provides you with a copy of their license, and confirm the status online.

Contractors who offer to do the job without you having to pay your insurance deductible are committing insurance fraud, and can land you in legal trouble. The deductible is the responsibility of the insured, and should be reflected in the quote provided by the contractor.  Also, be wary of contractors who pressure you to sign a contract before your insurance company has given an estimate.

Lastly, this is your home, and you want to be happy with the results when the work is completed.  Your contractor should be offering you style and color choices of the shingles to be installed.  Your choices may affect the resale value of your home, so you want it to look nice, and function well.

Keeping all of the above considerations in mind should result in you getting someone skilled and knowledgeable to complete your roofing job.  In the end, you should be satisfied and happy with the results.

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